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eTrapper solution

eTrapper has designed an end-end solution to transform predator management / eradication programs. 

Our solution consists of 4 components:

    • a eTrap sensor device fitted to the kill trap housing thereby turning it into a monitored trap,
    • a national IOT network for communications,
    • a user friendly mobile application for both installation and servicing in the field (required for large projects), and
    • a cloud hosted software platform for remote management of traps and reporting of data, includes alert functionally and planning tools. 

eTrapper has been designed as a scaleable solution for all sectors across New Zealand, from farmers, orchardists, life style block holders, community groups, local and regional councils, Iwi, conservation projects through to businesses.

Our solution approach delivers resource efficiencies, cost savings and provides data for reporting and planning purposes to streamline operational activities. 

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