The eTrap contains a vibration sensor, designed specifically to detect vibrations made when spring traps within the trap housing are triggered, thereby indicating a predator kill.

Thoughtful design means that the eTrap device is easy to install with just 2 self tapping screws onto the side walls of the trap housing.

The eTrap is custom built in New Zealand and is a very robust device to meet New Zealand's rugged conditions.

The eTrap was designed and built around 6 main pillars:

     • Low Power for long battery life - for long field life of 7+ years

     • Low Cost - allowing large scale project deployments

     • Robustness - to meet NZ’s challenging environments

     • Ease of Installation - device is easily installed onto multiple kill trap types

     • Ease of Use - Bluetooth sync in the field with a mobile app

     • Data Reporting - accuracy and reliability of providing data and alerts.

The eTrap is fitted with an external antenna providing for unparalleled transmitting range, which has been reordered at over 150km's to a Sigfox tower. 

Key features

Technical Specifications


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