Monitored traps for smart, time efficient, cost effective & measurable investment in predator management programs

Introducing eTrapper

eTrapper remotely monitors traps in order to allow the users of their traps to not only reduce the time and costs spent checking traps, but also for the first time gain access to real time data enabling reporting and effective use of resources as well as enhancing the design of future trapping programs.

 The eTrapper solution consists of:

    • a eTrap device (vibration sensor hardware);
    • a nationally provided IOT network (Low Power Wide Area Network);
    • a cloud hosted software platform that maps and dashboards real time data;
    • an installation mobile application (for project groups)

By providing real-time information on the status of your traps, time is spent managing only those traps that require clearing and resetting and triggered traps can be cleared sooner.

We believe that our solution will transform predator management programs across multiple sectors in New Zealand.

Current predator management program issues

Time and labour costs...checking traps is a time consuming process and we know time is highly valuable. Everyone's busy so checking empty trap after empty trap isn't the best use of resources. As a triggered trap is ineffective until it has been cleared, there's a fine balance to get the scheduling of service visits right.

Poison vs Traps.... it's a highly emotive topic. Toxins, such as 1080, are widely used for remote predator eradication programs whereby the scale and location of the program arguably presents little alternatives. They are also used commonly by farmers, businesses and in parks and reserves within and around urban areas, which is troubling for many for a variety of reasons. 

Data requirements.... whether it be the requirement to have a Pest Management Plans in place for a food producer / packhouse operation, through to a community conservation group wanting its volunteers to provide accurate and timely reports, the current manual reporting based systems require significant streamlining. 

Change is here !.

SME Solutions

Our solution, with the option of traps, is available on our store. Your setup means you can self-service your monitored traps.

While nationwide coverage exists, please check this against your site of interest and in the event coverage is not available at your site contact us to discuss options we can offer.

Enterprise Solutions

In addition to the supply of our solution, we partner to offer a full service model that includes trap servicing.

In recognising both your potentially complex design as well as the scale of deployment please contact us so we can design and deliver to your particular needs.

Solution overview

eTrapper transforms predator eradication programs. Our solution consists of 4 components:

  • a rugged sensor device fitted to a trap thereby turning it into a monitored trap,
  • a nationwide IOT network for communications,
  • a user friendly mobile application for both installation and servicing in the field (required for large projects), and
  • a cloud hosted software platform for remote management of traps and reporting of data, includes alert functionally and planning tools. 

This solution approach introduces cost savings, resource efficiencies and provides real time data for reporting and planning purposes to streamline operational activities. 

Key Benefits


The eTrap sensor device notifies of when the trap has been activated. This means servicing of traps moves from the traditional schedule model to event based: visits to and the cleaning of only those traps that have been activated. This means that your traps can be working all the time.

Its also possible to set and report on SLA’s which can be established to record trap trigger to clearance times to enable trap up-time reporting activity.


The eTrap sensor device is easily attached to a trap, taking less than 2 minutes to setup ! The eTrap arrives all ready to go, simply attach to the trap, give it a name in the mobile app or on the platform, and start.

If you’re buying a package including a kill trap please note we ship with the eTrap sensor device installed on the trap.


The eTrap device presents real time email alerts when traps are activated. This remote monitoring allows for task assignment and rapid servicing by field agents (whether this be the on-site manager or  outsourced contractors or volunteer groups). 

The data is packaged into a range of graphs, reports and maps to give you access to a new range of management tools, that at a base level informs you of: 

  • location on map of where the predators are being caught
  • what bait is attracting them
  • time of the day are they at their most active

As this data builds over time it will present you with a tool kit to help you optimize your predator management programs. Planning tools such as calendars and task assignments can be shared across project teams to deliver further program efficiencies.


While our traps are 'kill traps' the traps we promote are of the highest quality and industry leaders that are proven to kill humanely.


Kill traps are designed to use highly scented bait to attract predators. The bait we recommend and sell is both non-toxic and therefore environmentally friendly, meaning it won’t contaminate the food chain nor filter into the ecosystem via waterways, and long life, with a proven field life of upto 6 months meaning less frequent re-baiting visits to the traps. Our traps are supplied with labels clearly indicating this message.


If you have a general question or need to get in touch with us, please find our details below;

Phone:      0800 38 72 77


eTrapper is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy, and we’ll only use any of your personal information to provide the products and services you requested from us or administer your account. 


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