eTrap with Flipping Timmy possum kill trap


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eTrap sensor device fitted to a Flipping Timmy possum trap, with 2 years access to the management platform.

This trap is hugely popular and used widely by farmers, councils, conservation agencies and community trapping groups.

The Flipping Timmy takes the proven mechanical system of a Timms trap and optimises it with sturdier components. 

Designed with flexibility to mount either directly to a tree or onto a platform (which means you can also blaze the tree trunk to attract possums), it is supplied with  screws for the mounting.  Manufactured with long-life components made from the highest quality and durable materials (to make sure the trap always performs humanely at full power) makes it quicker, easier, and more versatile than the Timms trap.

Designed, engineered, and manufactured in New Zealand.

Recommended bait is Smooth - a blue paste that is non-toxic. This is sold separately.

Before ordering please ensure you have checked network coverage at the site you intend to deploy the eTrapper connected trap (see menu; solution / network). 

SKU: eT-004

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