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eTrap with DOC 200 stainless trap and housing - for rats and stoats


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eTrap sensor device with a DOC 200 stainless steel trap and tunnel housing (plastic), also with 2 years access to management platform and a lure starter pack (1 long life terracotta peanut scented lure).

eTrap sensor device is supplied fitted to the DOC 200 stainless steel trap inside the plastic tunnel housing. This stainless steel kill trap is top of the range for long life and not subject to rust that inferior traps experience.

Additionally the DOC 200 trap is NAWAC tested and certified for humane killing of rats (both Ship rats and Norwegian rats) as well as stoats.

The user friendly plastic housing is a giant leap forward in tunnel manufacture as it's both strong and lightweight. It has stainless screens and the hinged lid provides easy access to remove dead pests. There is simply no trap more precise for a confirmed kill !

When combined with long life lures (highly recommended over traditional fresh bait such as fruit, meat, eggs) it means you can leave the traps to do their job without checking until such time you get the notification that a predator kill has been made and the trap requires clearing.

Before ordering please ensure you have checked network coverage at the site you intend to deploy the eTrapper connected trap (see menu; solution / network). 

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