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eTrap sensor device - for your own kill traps or live capture cages


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eTrap sensor device with 2 years access to the management platform.

Install onto your own kill traps or live capture cages (BYO).

The eTrap device contains a vibration sensor, designed specifically to detect vibrations made when either spring traps within the trap housing are triggered, or cage doors close to indicate a predator activity or kill.

Thoughtful design means that the eTrap device is easy to install with just 2 self tapping screws (supplied) onto the side walls of the trap housing, or door/side of a cage. 

The eTrap suits a very wide range of traps and cages e.g.  DOC 150-250 series for rats and mustelid's, in either wooden or plastic housing, Victor series kill traps in various tunnel housing, through to the Trapinator and Timms range of possum traps. For live capture cages there are a range of attachment options that are very much dependent on cage design.

The eTrap is custom built in New Zealand and is a very robust device to meet New Zealand's rugged conditions. As such it is IP67 rated (waterproof), has a long battery life and a long range transmission capability.

Before ordering please ensure you have checked network coverage at the site you intend to deploy the eTrap devices (see menu; solution / network). 

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